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Truck Driver Fitness Program At United Road Drivers Helps Drivers Stay Fit

One of the great benefits of working for United Road is that its forward-thinking, inventive Human Resources specialists are constantly designing excellent programs that assist employees with their productivity. Recently, the company launched a Walk to Wellness campaign whereby all the employees received a pedometer and information on how to improve their health. In addition to  helping employees who are not drivers, this program is great tool in to increase truck driver fitness, since drivers spend such long our sitting still. Human resource studies show that those who are in good physical condition also enjoy increased mental capacity and better on-the-job performance. Fit employees, in fact, have more energy and one of the many benefits of regular exercise is increased and sustained energy throughout the day. This energy allows employees to stay focused, bringing the best of themselves to every task. The Walk to Wellness program invited employees to put their pedometer and


Different Vehicle Transport Jobs

For anyone who is hardworking, devoted, self-motivated and strong willed, there is a wide range of options when it comes to vehicle transport jobs. This industry offers some great stable career opportunities. Read on to know more. Vehicle Transport Jobs Customer Service The jobs of the customer service representative involve interacting with the customer, giving out quotations and then send the orders to the shipping department. He should have excellent communication skills as he has to answer to any queries the customer has regarding shipping procedure and terms and conditions. Vehicle Shipping Dispatcher The dispatcher is responsible for taking customer shipment orders, planning and dispatching the customer requests. His prime responsibility is to prepare a daily work plan and make sure that things run on schedule. People who have a background in customer service and is good at multitasking are preferred for this job. He must be proficient with computer systems as many modern dis


Flexible Spending Account Gives Employees More Take-Home Pay

United Road is excited to present its new flexible spending account program.How many times have we heard that it’s good to be flexible? The benefits experts at United Road believe this is a good idea not only in one’s personal life but also at work. "In a nutshell, the Flexible Spending Account program allows employees to take part of their pre-tax payroll and apply it toward a debit card that can be used for medical expenses, doctor visits, over-the-counter medications, daycare tuition, vaccinations, eye exams and more,” explains Eric Madison, United Road’s director of Human Resources. “It’s a tax-relief program that allows employees to use tax-free dollars on various expenses,” he adds. “In the long-run, the program increases your take-home pay by reducing your taxable income.” Sandra Klinkman, United Road’s Human Resources manager, explains that there are two parts to the flexible spending program. The Health Care Account (HCA) allows participants to el


Successful Quit Smoking Program Now Available to United Road Employees

United Road employees who smoke can participate in a “Quit the Nic!”, United Road's special quit smoking program for its workers. Available to those who signed up for Blue Cross/Blue Shield medical benefits, the program is part of United Road’s Wellness program. It helps smokers gain the tools they need to be freed from tobacco through self-managed behavior and coping skills. The yearlong customized program features a dedicated health coach to keep participants on the path to a tobacco-free life. Participating in a good quit smoking program has multiple benefits By now, you probably know the numerous reasons to quit using tobacco. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cigarette smoking causes about one of every five deaths in the United States each year. Smoking is estimated to cause 443,000 deaths annually (including deaths from secondhand smoke). Not to mention the financial cost of smoking. The CDC reports that smoking costs more than $193


Driver Referral Program at United Road Helps Drivers Make Extra Money

United Road offers drivers a lucrative way to add to their benefits package — extra cash and prizes through their driver referral program. Just ask David Sirdan of the Detroit Terminal. He earned $6,000 in bonuses for referring three drivers in one month! Congratulations, David! Meanwhile, Harold Gamble of the Greer Terminal in sunny South Carolina won our March Employee Referral Raffle. Way to go, Harold! We hope by now you’ve found time to enjoy your new 42-inch HD, 3-D Big-Screen! While posting this story, two more televisions were soon to be raffled off. Drivers here at United Road can earn extra cash by simply sharing their positive experiences at United Road. When they meet experienced drivers working for other companies, United Road drivers often will encourage them to join United Road’s strong, growing company. And if they do, they can earn a lot of cash. Here’s how it works: When a driver refers someone who completes an online application (