Frequenly Asked Questions About Vehicle Transport Jobs

Q: Can anyone apply for vehicle transport jobs and become a car hauler?

A: Yes, but there’s a bit more to it than that. You can’t just decide one of our motor vehicle transport jobs is for you, apply, and expect to be on the road the next day. DOT (Department of Transportation) and FMCSR (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration have requirements that must be satisfied first. For more information on DOT, visit their website here: For more information about FMCSR, visit their website here: Not to worry, though. The folks here at Vehicle transport jobs and United Road are familiar with the rules and regulations. We can help you through it.

Q: Your homepage mentioned that you’re extremely selective when choosing your employees. Can you be more specific about what you require when considering a candidate?

A: Vehicle transport jobs depend on a couple of things. First, we have to have a customer who needs to utilize our services. Second, we have to be able to deliver on whatever promise of service we make to them. Third, we have to have employees, including car haulers, who are professional in every sense of the word both on the road and in front of customers. We won’t hire someone for a motor vehicle transport job if we can’t count on these two factors.

So, when we look at an applicant, they (you) need to provide the last ten (10) years of your employment. This includes any unemployment during that time, too. Also, any gaps of six (6) or more months without employment must include an explanation. Finally, we ask for the last three (3) years of your driving history, including any accidents and drug test results, which is required by law. This is something we ask for regardless if someone comes to work for us driving one of our vehicles or as the owner of one of their own.


Q: What makes Vehicle Transport Jobs and United Road so financially stable?

A: We are financially stable for a few reasons. One is that we are the second-largest vehicle hauling company in the US and have an incredibly diverse customer base. Second, unlike some of our competitors, our workload is not dependent on new-car sales. Instead, our business operates steadily and consistently with a blend of new car, remarketed cars, privately-owned vehicles, and specialty project hauling.

Q: What kinds of benefits does United Road offer?

A: We like to think of our staff as a family, and because of that, we treat them as such. United Road offers excellent health benefits to our drivers. We also offer holiday pay and paid vacations because we understand how important family is.

United Road also provides drivers with employee discounts at Apple, AT&T, Dell, Ford, and Genisys Credit Union, among others. We also offer our drivers Blue Cross/Blue Shield health insurance, Delta Dental insurance, and life insurance through Mutual of Omaha.

Q: What problems have you seen most in candidates applying for one of your vehicle shipping jobs?

A: They’re mostly common sense issues. You’re applying for a motor vehicle transport job and there are a certain amount of expectations involved. A poor motor vehicle record certainly isn’t going to do you any favors. A criminal history doesn’t help either. And yet we get folks who apply and who don’t disclose these items. We eventually find out and we do so before they’re even hired, so why not be honest from the beginning?

Q: What if I’m entirely new to this and never had a motor vehicle transport job before? Will Vehicle transport jobs and United Road train me?

A: Yes. We’ll train you to be a car hauler. Our haulers are responsible for loading and unloading all vehicles on their hauler from start to finish themselves. This requires you to have knowledge on 12 hydraulics, weight distribution and a number of other components, so we’re going to make sure you know everything you need to before going out on a job.


Do you have other questions we haven’t answered here? If so, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss them with you.

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