Different Vehicle Transport Jobs

For anyone who is hardworking, devoted, self-motivated and strong willed, there is a wide range of options when it comes to vehicle transport jobs. This industry offers some great stable career opportunities. Read on to know more.

Vehicle Transport Jobs Customer Service

The jobs of the customer service representative involve interacting with the customer, giving out quotations and then send the orders to the shipping department. He should have excellent communication skills as he has to answer to any queries the customer has regarding shipping procedure and terms and conditions.

Vehicle Shipping Dispatcher

The dispatcher is responsible for taking customer shipment orders, planning and dispatching the customer requests. His prime responsibility is to prepare a daily work plan and make sure that things run on schedule. People who have a background in customer service and is good at multitasking are preferred for this job. He must be proficient with computer systems as many modern dispatch systems are computerized. A dispatcher must have excellent communication and organization skills. This vehicle transport job requires long working hours.

Auto Mover Truck Driver/ Driver Car Hauler

This is the most challenging job among all the vehicle transport jobs. The truck driver needs to beat all the odds and meet the deadlines. There are long and extended work hours which can keep him away from home for weeks. He is responsible for the safe delivery of the vehicles from one point to another. The driver needs to have a Class ‘A’ commercial driver’s license along with special certification or diploma from driving institute.

Diesel Mechanic

The diesel mechanic is an integral part of the vehicle transport industry. He is the person who makes sure that the company vehicles are at their top condition. His job involves conducting regular checks on the company vehicles, diagnose problems and conduct the repair works. A lot depends on the diesel mechanic when it comes to the company vehicles on road performance. The diesel mechanic should have a certification from a reputed technician and mechanics institute.  This job is steadily growing and will be needed for many years to come, according to the BLS.