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Vehicle Transport Jobs for Drivers

If you found Vehicle Transport Jobs because you’re looking for an OTR (over the road) employment opportunity, then you’re exactly where you need to be.

Why work for us? Because we have rock solid financial stability and competitive pay for all our drivers!

Steady Vehicle Transport Jobs

The current economy has hit most companies in the worst way possible, only we’re in the unique position of being able to offer a number of vehicle transportation jobs.

If you’re a car hauler, the easiest answer to that is because We Want You! We’re looking for vehicle transport drivers. We want all of our car haulers to succeed, which is also why we offer our employees paid training, excellent health insurance benefits and paid vacations & holidays. We want the best and we’re willing to give our best in return.

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All of our vehicle transportation jobs are secure and have the rock-solid financial stability of United Road, the country’s second-largest car hauling company, behind them. Except for 2009, we’ve never had a history of layoffs and we’re a growing company. Past, present and future, Vehicle Transport Jobs and United Road continue to offer local, regional, and OTR (over the road) positions to qualified individuals around the country. Yes, we’re extremely selective when it comes to picking our employees—you would be, too—but that selectiveness is carried over to why our customers continue to select us as their over the road hauler.

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If you think you have what it takes to join Vehicle Transport Jobs and United Road, then we urge you to look around our site, contact us with any questions you have and go through our online job application process.

So, are you looking for vehicle transport jobs?